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Whirlpool 3.5L Hip Pack - Custom

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The Whirlpool Hip Pack - is the pack we wanted to be on the market but couldn’t find. It is an overstuffable design without any zippers to blow out, sturdy seams and lot of carrying options. A removable bladder / sleeve and bottle holsters lend to about 100oz of water carrying capacity (think the whole enchilada, palisade plunge, or pretty much any big enduro race). It was designed with stability, comfort, and simplicity front of mind. The name was picked because the pack is a water carrying machine and is a roll top closure, hence, The Whirlpool. Its wings are designed with as much area as we could get to help distribute the heavy water load. They are sewn in at two points per wing to give them the flexibility to move to the body of the rider. We also tilted the wings up some so the pack sits lower on the back. This helps when in a riding position, keeping the waist belt low. The daisy chain webbing on the back is the perfect spot to strap a coat, carabiner you coffee mug, or clip some sunscreen. You can also take you sunglasses and put the arms through the webbing if you need a place to let them air out. 


Primary color is the main section of the pack. Secondary is the bottom (where the straps are) and the wings under the drop pockets. Webbing is the webbing... 


We offer the Whirlpool in 4 different configurations. We are only releasing these three pack colors but customers can choose from 3 main buckle types as a custom option (side release, fidlock, cobra).

Volume: 3.5L - 6L (if you over stuff). 
Color Options: Black Knight EPX200, Ranger Green EPX200, Golden Daze EPX200 

The Base - Standard haul all roll top hip pack. 
Weight: 335g

The Race - Best for a day where you need water and some food / maybe knee pads or a chin bar, but don’t need much space past that. 
W/ 1.5L bladder and removable sleeve 
Weight: 488g

The Alpine - Best for days where you need water, but also the maximum internal space for coats, medical kits, food and anything else you might need on a big cooler alpine day. 
W/ 2 bottle holsters 
Weight: 422g

The Bikepacker - For the days where water capacity is the most important trait for a hip pack. 
W/ 2 bottle holsters, 1.5L bladder, and utility cord for daisy chain -
Weight: 575g
- If you want bottle holsters, add and customize them separately. 
- If you want a bladder and sleeve, add to the cart separately. 
- All packs ship standard with a side release buckle. If you want a Fidlock or Cobra Buckle, add them to your cart separately and we will swap them out for you. 

Care Instructions

Do not machine wash. Spot clean with a wet rag.