Our athelte team is new for 2024. We are honored to have some great talent testing our gear out in the wood and giving us feedback. The whole team brings a unique perspective to playing outside and is going to level up the San Util product line and brand. 

Allen Stoltzfus

Allen is a general bad ass. What makes him a bad ass? Well for one, he is one of the most loyal and down to hang friends out there. Secondly, I am not sure that there is a mountain sport that Allen will not dominate. From 10000+ mile motorcycle rides from the tip of Alaska to Patagonia, to ski mountaineering in Pakistan. Allen can and will take it all on.

Will Enterline

Will is a professional athelete for quite the spread of brands. He is testing and giving feedback from a tele skiers perspective and is trying to spread to joy of freeing the heel.

Lindsay Karge

My name is Lindsay Karge. Originally a flat lander that made it out to the Rocky Mountains. Formally a snowboarder turned skier with a passion for earning turns, skiing resort laps, along with guide/intern with Jones Pass in the winters. In the summers you can find me trail riding, taking laps and trestle & attempting to get better at dirt jumps! My favorite thing about ALL of these activities is being able to hype up every rad human & especially women wanting to get outside and play! 

Sarah Tey Atwell

Sarah is a local to the Fraser Valley and enjoys spending time outside and helping others to stay active and healthy. She is a full time PT in the valley with a focus on sports medicine. When not working, you can find her up on the pass touring, near grand lake burning fuel (snowmobiling) or on the summer on two wheels.

Daniel Reisbeck

I’m a Senior/Lead Guide for Jones Pass Guides- guiding both Snowcat and backcountry touring groups. I live with my better half and our three dogs above 10,000 feet in the Front Range mountains. When not guiding, I’m usually out backcountry skiing, mountain biking or climbing mountains, quite often with one, two or all three of our pups. Guiding for 10+ years and recreating extensively in Colorado’s mountains for over 30 years has given me a comprehensive perspective on gear trends and designs that have and haven’t worked throughout the years. I’ve also been able to see-with the perspective of time- how important it is for a company in the outdoor hard goods industry to “walk the walk”. This is a passion industry and it shows when a company is run and staffed by people that are part of the outdoor community and hold true to the collective outdoor community’s values. 

Josh Uhl

Josh is a midwestern fella. He traded the hardwood forests of the north woods for the high mountain peaks of Colorado in 2013. He’s been riding his bike all over the dang place since then. In 2019 he saddled up his trusty bike and attempted the Bikepacking triple crown challenge. That’s racing the Arizona trail race, the Tour Divide and Colorado trail race, all in one calendar year. On the third event he broke his bike and found himself out of the running. Since then Josh has focused on building cool and weird bikes. Creating a welcoming cycling community and doing lots more bikepacking. 

Ryan Nott

My Name is Ryan Nott and I am a photographer and outdoor enthusiast based out of the San Juan mountains of Colorado. Skiing, biking, rafting, and camping, have all led me to some of  the most beautiful places with the best people, and I believe that capturing these adventures is one of the most impactful things that we can do. Being able to share our stories with those closest to us through various mediums is a tradition as old as time and I like to honor that tradition through capturing adventures in the mountains.

Devon Weatherwax

Growing up in Fort Collins, Devon found himself on a mountain bike and a snowboard at a young age. Working full time in the outdoor and cycling industry, you can find him bouncing around the country getting people stoked on building their American made dream bike. In true Colorado fashion, he spends his free time deep in the backcountry splitboarding, biking, and fly fishing.

Anna Norman

Anna is an outdoor enthusiast and photographer who uncovers the adventure in everything from trailhead parking lots to mountain tops. After escaping the hustle and bustle of the Northeast, she landed in Colorado in early 2018. Between living in the Fraser Valley and the foothills, she’s been able to pursue all the goodies the Rocky Mountains have to offer. As an avid mountain biker and backcountry skier, she likes to go slow on the uphills and fast on the downs. Her camera is almost always along for the ride, photographing everything from spicy dirt lines to big
summits. In her free time, she’s remembering to take the lens cap off, hanging with her dog Juno, or planning her next adventure (which is currently bikepacking the Kokopelli Trail this

Austin DiVesta

My name is Austin DiVesta. I grew up in Colorado but tried to move out of the state several times to chase snow. However, I couldn't resist my love for extreme cold and skiing, which always brought me back. My partner likes to tease me for being an "off-the-couch athlete" and often sets the skin track while I try to avoid her playful jabs about my langkey stride. Even in the summer heat, I often daydream about being blown off a cold ridgeline. If I can't get my fix for the cold, I spend time in the mountains with our dog, who is my perfect adventure buddy (but don't tell my partner!). This dream has led me to work in incredible places like New Zealand, Alaska, and Utah.