Here at San Util we have some high standards for quality. Everything is hand made in Winter Park Colorado, and we take pride in that. We design your products to be as relevant and long lasting as possible. With that being said, your packs and bags are made by humans. We will make mistakes.

All San Util Design packs and bags are covered for the lifetime of the product to defects in stitching and construction. 

This does not cover normal wear and tear, if your hip pack is 10 years old and has 2000 days on it, there is a good chance the "lifetime of the product" is over. We wish it could cover everything forever, but part of running a business in the cycling industry with everything made in the USA means some tight margins. 

We do except returns on stocked items but custom items are not returnable. Please confirm your custom colors before you place an order.


Now stop reading this, get outside on you bike!