Officially founded in January 2021, San Util is a passion project. We build simple, functional bike storage options for the pedal power enthusiast. 



San Util (Sounds like "Sand Utility" except no "D" and stop after "UTIL").

I often get asked how the heck I came up with the name San Util Design. It is a fair question for a weird... and rather random name. Let's start with a break down.

San comes from the latin french word "sans" which means without. And a Util is a unit of measurement for satisfaction (or at least thats how I understood it in economics). So San Util = Without Satisfaction.

Okay great Adam, but whats the back story.
Well, so often in life folks get so wrapped up in being further satisfied that we forget who we are why we are here. We also so often don't allow ourselves to see value or feel value in things that are not useful to us or to society. San Util is a reminder that it is okay to take a break, to do things just for fun, and to live life in the ups and downs. We all have the peaks of life, and we all have the valleys. And that is quite alright.

Anyways, enough about that. Lets chat more later.

Thanks for joining me in my little project. This is going to sound pretty dang quirky but this is my outlet to "sew life into death" or at the very least try to impact people in a creative and positive way. If you ever want talk about the journey or just want to get to know me and what I am doing at San Util, give me a shout.


For now, just me. Adam. 

Tall. A bit goofy. A Big bike guy. And a feller who is trying to make sense of things by creating things to engage with the world. If you are in Winter Park, come hang out and drink some coffee! Lets figure out how to build you the perfect custom bag!

The thing that gets me most pumped about life is working with creative people who have an idea and want to make it happen. I get fired up about helping make those dreams a reality. Holler if I can help!

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Mr. Suds represents somebody who does things in life for the sake of enjoying that thing. Life can be pretty simple, and Mr. SUDS gets it.

When you break it down, I think we all have some Mr. SUDS in us. The question is are you going to lean into it?