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San Util Design LLC

TON 618 Gear Tote Bag - Custom

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The TON 618 is widely regarded as the largest black hole ever know to man. To us, it it the largest gear tote that we have ever made. 

Developed with riding and skiing in mind, we wanted a drop all bag for all your protective gear, ski boots, and all the little bits that we always seem to forget at home. According to "Really Smart People Somewhere" the best way to not lose things or forget them is to always have them ready to go and with you. The TON 618 is constructed used a vinyl coated polyester mesh that allows you to leave all your gear in the bag after an adventure and still dry. Just hang it on the wall and leave it be. Let those pesky odors seep into the air and out of your gear. 

Don't lose the girl because you smell bad... And you forgot your sunglasses... Again (and just crashed into a tree because you can't see)... And died... 

- Adam @ San Util


The custom version of this bag allows for you to pick the main pocket color on the outside. If you just want a standard back without a fun color, take a look at the stocked TON618 product. 

Care Instructions

Do not machine wash. Spot clean with a wet rag.