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San Util Design

Quick Draw Bottle Holster V2 - Custom

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A similar design to the first iteration of the bottle holster. This version still uses Malice clips to attach it to the wings or sides of any of our hip packs. Updated from the past version, the V2 now uses a cord to lock the bottles down instead of the draw cord. We did this update to lower the production time and get the price down as much as we could.

The Quick Draw Bottle Holster is an add on product for your Covert Hip Pack or any product that uses a MOLLE/PALS attachment system. Designed to fit a bike bottle with enough support to pull the bottle out or stow it while you keep riding. 

When it comes to hot summer days, nothing sounds better than a cold beer. We added a collar on the bags for you to close them down over 12oz can or a tallboy when riding, hiking, or fishing (we don't really care what you are doing as long as you have refreshments). FYI, a bike bottle and a can with a coozie are the same size!


These Holsters will work for the Whirlpool, Covert Hip Pack, The Furtif Hip Pack, and the Hide & Seek Kids Hip Pack.

Care Instructions

Do not machine wash. Spot clean with a wet rag.