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San Util Design

Mini Panniers - Custom

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Mini Panniers that were designed with rugged riding in mind. They are a scaled down version of the light weight panniers that we have been making for over a year now. Quite a few missions would benefit from having some extra space to carry gear, but for the ultra light enthusiasts a regular size pannier is over kill. My hope with building these is to use them on my Transition Spur for the Colorado Trail next year. It seems like quite a few routes in the rocky mountain region would work best on a full suspension and carrying the weight low just feels so good descending. 

Picking Colors: 
The primary color of the bag is the front and back panels of the pannier. The secondary color is the "U" shaped sides and bottom of the bag. Refer to photos of the standard light weight pannier if that doesn't make sense. 
Packs come with 3 Voile Straps. 2 for the horizontal attachment and 1 for the vertical. 

Width - 8”
Height Rolled - 11” 
Height Unrolled - 21” 
Depth- 3” 

Holding Capacity: 
Rolled - 4.25L
Overstuffed - 7L 

EPX200 - 227g w/ Voile Straps
12oz Waxed Canvas - 339g w/ Voile Straps

Care Instructions

Do not machine wash. Spot clean with a wet rag.

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