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Furtif 1L Hip Pack - Stocked

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Furtive derived from the word Furtif, "attempting to avoid notice or attention". 


The Furtif fills the hole in our line up of a small hip pack. Its slender shape has enough space for what you need and only what you need... In other words, gummy worms, a beer or two, a pump, some bike tools (or one small sledge hammer), and 1 - 4 bandaids.


Staying true to our simple and functional design philosophy, the Furtif has a roll top main pocket and a small zipper pocket in the front for a phone and keys. The roll top design covers the zipper to keep that pesky mud and grime off the zipper. A magnetic fidlock buckle keeps the roll top tight but allows for the pack to expand some to overstuff. 

Care Instructions

Do not machine wash. Spot clean with a wet rag.