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Adventure Satchel - Custom

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The Adventure Satchel is a great way to insure that people around you at the brewery think you are hip and like the outdoors. The conversation could go like this. 

Stranger: "Wow, awesome satchel. You must be super cool and attractive. I bet you have tons of money and status amongst your friends". 

You: "Yeah..." (look at them as if you are cooler than them. Then have the realization that if they had an Adventure Satchel from San Util, they would be equally as cool as you).


Has enough room for a medium wallet, a small trail pouch, a banana, a bandana, a tropicana, and a high tech cellular device. 


Primary Color is everything but the front pocket. Secondary is the front pocket. 


Picking Fabric Colors: If you want a LTD color scheme, select the LTD option in the first drop down no matter what. The LTD fabric costs more to print and thus cost more for a bag. They are sweet though, so you should for sure get your bag in a cool LTD color.

If you want both standard options only, just select "Standard Colors" and continue like normal. 

Care Instructions

Do not machine wash. Spot clean with a wet rag.