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San Util Design

Quick Draw Bottle Holster - Custom

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The Quick Draw Bottle Holster is an add on product for your Covert Hip Pack or any product that uses a MOLLE/PALS attachment system. Designed to fit a bike bottle with enough support to pull the bottle out or stow it while you keep riding. 

When it comes to hot summer days, nothing sounds better than a cold beer. We added a collar on the bags for you to close them down over 12oz can or a tallboy when riding, hiking, or fishing (we don't really care what you are doing as long as you have refreshments). FYI, a bike bottle and a can with a coozie are the same size!


These Holsters will work for the Covert Hip Pack, The Furtif Hip Pack, and the Hide & Seek Kids Hip Pack.


Order a single or a double and pick your fabric color, webbing color, and pull tab for the collar.  


Picking Fabric Colors: If you want a LTD color scheme, select the LTD option in the first drop down no matter what. The LTD fabric costs more to print and thus cost more for a bag. They are sweet though, so you should for sure get your bag in a cool LTD color.

If you want both standard options only, just select "Standard Colors" and continue like normal. 

Care Instructions

Do not machine wash. Spot clean with a wet rag.