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San Util Design LLC

Light Weight Panniers - Custom

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These light weight panniers are a sweet option for bike packing and commuting around town. They use a roll top design for more durability (#banishthezipper) and can be fastened to almost any rack using 2 Voile straps and a lower utility cord. They stay in place and are quick and easy to take off. Throw them over your shoulder with a shoulder strap (sold separately for cheap (some people wont want them and I would hate to waste a bunch of webbing)). 

Sold as a single. If you want a pair, make sure to select that option. 

Material: VX21, 1000D Cordura, V21 RS


Picking Fabric Colors: If you want any of the LTD fabrics, select the LTD option in the first drop down no matter what (whether it is primary color or secondary). The LTD fabric costs more to print and thus cost more for a bag. They are sweet though, so you should for sure get your bag in a cool LTD color.

If you want both standard options only, just select "Standard Colors" and continue like normal, the standard colors do not have "LTD" in front of them. 

Care Instructions

Do not machine wash. Spot clean with a wet rag.