: to recycle (something) in such a way that the resulting product is of a higher value than the original item : to create an object of greater value from (a discarded object of lesser value)


If you want to upcycle an old ski coat or some sweet fabric that you have, we want to help! Keeping clapped out gear out of the landfill is important to us. But in order for us to use your old gear, it does need to have some structural integrity left in it. If your gear is shredded to pieces and is falling apart, we probably can't use it.



Head over to the product that you want to upcycle. Look at the fabric options and check to see if it has the "UPCYCLE" option on it. If it does, we are ready to rock. If it doesn't I have decided that the upcycling option isn't a good option for this product.

After you place your order with the "Upcycled" fabric option selected, you will need to ship your coat to us. Shipping things to the mountains can sometimes be a mess. Make sure to enter the address as seen below. If you are shipping via UPS, you will have to use the PO Box.


San Util Design LLC

78878 US Hwy 40, Unit D

PO Box 2817

Winter Park Colorado, 80482-2817



I will use you fabric where I can. Unfortunately you are not able to decide where the fabric goes. You will need to choose a primary color still, and I will combine your fabric with the primary color fabric where I need to. I want your bag to last for many years to come and am not willing to sacrifice the structural integrity of the bag.



Now you may be wondering why the upcycled program is more expensive, I would be too. The reason is that it takes quite a bit more time to use your fabric than it does to have a production run of a normal colored bag. I will work to get prices down, but for now, I have to charge a bit more. For the products that the program is avalible on, the program is an extra $20 and you will need to ship me your fabric. 

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